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For my own sanity I have decided to stop trying to figure out Gilligan's island.

Why could that damn professor make everything in the world, radio out of coconuts, tanning spa, but he couldn't fix the boat......come on now I could be a professor if that's all it took
Originally posted by Katelyn:
If it was just a 3 hour tour, then......

1.) How come their radio stayed working for the 15 years that they were stranded on the island? (must've had some maximum endurance energizers or something)

2.) Why did the Ginger and Maryann and the Howells bring so many different outfits when they knew that it was just a 3 hour tour and that they wouldn't need to change their clothes?

3.) How did Lovey, Ginger, and Maryann shave their underarms and their legs?

4.) In the episode where Maryann lost her memory and thought she was Ginger,she cut ginger's outfits shorter to fit herself, but then in later episodes when Maryann was her normal self again, Ginger's dresses were the same length as they had been in the very first show.

If you have anything else to add to this topic, then gladly do so
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