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Originally Posted by NYCMS View Post
Yep and given the racist video and this latest video posted on Twitter (bragging about her favorite sexual activity for those who didn't see it) this girl has killed any career opportunities, at least for many, many years. Companies do a social media search on applicants all the time and even a lot of party pictures can harm one's chances.

When will these kids learn that social media is NOT their friend? I'm amazed at how many still post stuff (like pictures where they're clearly drunk) without any thought of the consequences. I get that they're college kids and at that age, you're not thinking logically sometimes, but still...

You hit on one of the biggies.

When will we quit thinking of them as "kids" and EXPECT them to act as young adults. Childhood now apparently doesn't end until somewhere around 25.

I've been preaching 'til I'm blue in the face that I don't want my organization's collegians thought of as "girls" but as "women".
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