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I can top that...

I have a truly psycho ex-boyfriend. He was totally hung up on marrying someone of the same religion as himself, which is fine except that he would only date girls of -different- religions.

We'd been dating for several months when one day, out of the blue, he asked me if I would convert to his religion. I said, no, I was not going to choose something as important as what God to believe in based on someone else's desires. Thus endeth the relationship.

However, both the girl he dated before me and the girl he dated after me (to whom he got engaged) -did- agree to convert. I'm not sure what happened to the girl he dated before me, but his fiancee finally grew a backbone and decided she really wanted to be yet a third religion - and of course he dumped her on the spot

You just can't let your life revolve around someone else. It's not healthy, particularly if that someone else goes away.
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