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Originally Posted by sigmadiva View Post
The best example that I know of is University of Houston - Central Campus.

It was very much a "commuter" campus but the school has taken efforts over the years to make it feel more residential.

The change came from the top administration - they totally updated buildings and improved on-campus housing. The school even invested in the sports teams. Overall, there was a huge effort to improve the school all around.

As a result, Greek Life on that campus seems to have improved with it. UH built housing for the Greek lettered orgs.

So, to address what you want to see happen, it is going to take a commitment from the school. It took UH about 10 years to see the fruit of all this labor.
Yeah. Similar experience.

So the residence halls are relatively new to campus (thereís two), Iíve heard murmurs of trying to get more, downtown isnít the easiest to attain. The university works with local apartment complexes, which are as close to campus as the residence halls. Coming from admissions, I did see an effort in selling the schools younger more urban environment, but that we do offer the same things traditional colleges/universities have.

The university does have Division 1 athletics, but no football team. I know students who worked HARD to plan an excellent Homecoming, but it isnít the same without football.

I know this wonít happen overnight for sure, but I see the potential! I definitely think the current President is on board (because we all know itís not just classes that keep students at any university) and there is quite a few new staff members on campus in student affairs who are ready to work.
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