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Also, how beneficial is it to be a legacy? If you are not a legacy to certain houses, should you be realistic and not expect to get a bid? It helps but being a Legacy does not guarantee a bid.

I know some threads consider big southern texas rush to be superficial... but are we talking about a cute outfit and nice Tiffany jewlery? or all out Chanel, Gucci, Manolos, Saks, Niemans shopping spree? Cute outfit and nice jewelry (not necessarily Tiffany) is fine. UT typically puts out a Recruitment Guide that will help you. Also, many local panhellenics have teas for PNMs.

Let's say a PNM LOVES XYZ ...and their colors are...Orange and White. Would it be a good or bad idea to wear those colors during rush? Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad. Get the idea? If bad, which colors would be OK to wear and not attract negative attention? I heard solid dresses are the best bet. Wear something memorable, whether it's a print or a scarf or a cool pin, but nothing revealing.
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