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Originally Posted by southern greek View Post
Actually, according to UT President's newsletter, 91% of this year's incoming freshman class came from from the top 10%. That is why UT hates the "automatic admit for top 10%" rule. Then they have 5% reserved for out of state/foreign students. So you can see that it was extremely competitive to get in if you're not in the top 10% this year. Family connections don't seem to cut it like they used to. Now it's a combination of class rank, test scores, essays and letters of recommendations--as well as figuring out which specific college-i.e. natural science, education, business, etc would be the easiest route to gain admission. Very rare to see anyone out of the top 15% get in from our area.

Yeah - I know all about it. I think it was 87% for the class that entered in fall 2007. Didn't realize we'd broken into the 90th percentile on that. It's been rising and rising - I think when the rule was first put in place it was only 40-50% of the entering class. I believe that A&M only admits around 50% of their class with the top 10 percent rule.

There was a recent thread where we discussed the top 10% rule ad infinitum. I don't really know that we need to here again.

Good luck southerngirl55!
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