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I can only speak to my experience, but my chapter has extensive social media training both in the new member process and throughout each year for the whole chapter. I find this especially important given that social media evolves so quickly, and it's important to keep up with the nuances of each platform (although the common sense of "don't be a bigot, don't post inappropriate stuff online no matter how private you think your account is" should stand regardless of platform).

That being said, I've seen a post circulating of a subsequent "finsta" account that appears to be hers, stating that her first account had been shut down and the bio also includes this slur. Granted, this could be a fake account, but her apology does not seem totally genuine to me, given the nature of the second video. Additionally, it appears that the Alabama chapter of Alpha Phi has deleted its instagram page, presumably to deal with this issue internally. This girl's actions are reprehensible, and I'm glad the international organization and the university are responding with such force.
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