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Originally Posted by wildcatpride View Post
I read a lot of YA fiction for my job (high school English teacher) - currently reading Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley and Wonder by R.J. Palacio. They're both really good! My students rave about the Mortal Instruments series but I just can't get into most fantasy novels.

One of my coworkers raved to me about The Girl on the Train and I was so disappointed when I read it. I kept waiting for some HUGE twist and it just fell flat for me. I think my expectations were probably too high.

For those of you who mentioned liking the Quiverfull kinds of books a few pages back - I read Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu this summer, about a teenage girl trying to find her way out of a Quiverfull family and community, and it was excellent.
Read "Girl on The Train" and had these HUGE expectations and though it was good, not the epic I expected.
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