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I'm actually rather offended that you'd insinuate this - my chapter, and most of those I've seen, have a wide variety of shapes and sizes of girls.
Well, they do say the truth hurts.

Please don't get offended. It's not worth it.

No, her face isn't enough. The pictures some girls send in look NOTHING like them. By sending in full length pictures we get a better idea of who's who. It also helps in matching because we don't want to pair someone who's 5'0" on a girl who's 5'11". And yes, that REALLY IS what we do.

You're very much right, old habits die hard. That's why 8 chapters were pulled in to Panhellenic last summer. Don't fool yourself in to thinking that it doesn't still happen. There's one house on campus that to this day doesn't even talk to girls during open house round, they just jump around and chant because they already know who they're cutting.
I've often said that I'm so glad I didn't go through rush at schools with ridiculous cutthroat rushes because I probably would have been turned off by it all.

See, while your chapter can be proud of accepting and embracing different shapes and sizes, there are many others who don't. And it's because of them that I question the need for full body shots. IMHO, it just fuels the unnecessary feeling of super exclusivity, you know?
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