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Originally Posted by OTW View Post
Because the girl's face isn't enough?

You really can tell who the heck the girl is by her body type?

It's hard for anyone to believe that you use body shots to distinguish girls from one another.
I'm actually rather offended that you'd insinuate this - my chapter, and most of those I've seen, have a wide variety of shapes and sizes of girls.

No, her face isn't enough. The pictures some girls send in look NOTHING like them. By sending in full length pictures we get a better idea of who's who. It also helps in matching because we don't want to pair someone who's 5'0" on a girl who's 5'11". And yes, that REALLY IS what we do.

Originally Posted by Just interested View Post
Welcome to Texas "Rush". Most Alumnae Reference Boards in the big cities shut off references if they are received after June 1( I've heard even as early as May 1). It does not mean a reference cannot be sent to the chapter directly but it will not have a seal of approval from the powerful city reference boards who also send along their RTP list (Rush to Pledge)etc. This practice goes back to years ago when UT, Austin had summer rush. (Parties, especially in the big cities for the members to meet rushees) Cuts were made before the girls ever got to school and they were only invited to certain houses from the very beginning. It was also great for lesser know chapters to put themselves out there in a much more informal way. It was done away with 10 or more years ago on an offical level but ...nothing dies quite that easily. If you get my drift.
You're very much right, old habits die hard. That's why 8 chapters were pulled in to Panhellenic last summer. Don't fool yourself in to thinking that it doesn't still happen. There's one house on campus that to this day doesn't even talk to girls during open house round, they just jump around and chant because they already know who they're cutting.
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