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My school used it for the first time this past recruitment. There were mixed reactions.

The system is designed to help PNMs realistically consider their options by having cuts earlier on. That way, a girl doesn't "fall in love with XYZ" throughout recruitment, then get heartbroken and drop out after XYZ releases her before pref. On the PNM end, there are heavier cuts early on (our heaviest cuts were between 2nd and 3rd party) because each chapter has to release a different # of women depending on some different factors.

On one hand, I think it forces some chapters to release women that they might just be holding on to but have no intentions of having therm back for pref just so they can have full parties. On the other hand, cutting a large number early on means you have to make cuts after meeting women only twice and that makes for a very long night of membership selection in the middle of recruitment.

In the end, I think we all got the girls we wanted pretty much and we all took about the same number of women, so it work out pretty well in my opinion.

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