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Greek life is so much more than partying, and looking at your other posts, I would assume people are becoming frustrated with your concentration on that subject. It is my impression that most people here are not active college students, but are alumni, parents, Greek life employees etc., so we wouldn't be in on the latest trends among college students. We did drink jungle juice when I was in school though --- but it was at dorm parties and I am very very old.

When it comes down to it, this forum is called Greek Chat. It's not created for miscellaneous non-Greek related discussions with non-Greeks. Perhaps you can find or create a Facebook group for discussing these things with others of a similar mindset or involved in your school? Doesn't a site like College Confidential have school and topic-related discussion boards? Anyone know a good place to suggest to him?

I wish you success, fulfillment and happiness in all your future endeavors.
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