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Originally Posted by TLLK View Post
My parents never even mentioned that they were Greeks until I'd graduated from high school. My mother had quietly joined the local alumnae group and had secured recommendations for me, but didn't share that with me. It was only when the Panhellenic recruitment guide arrived that she pointed it out to me and said that I might want to consider rushing my freshman year. I asked them about their experiences in their GLO and what they thought about it. What tipped my decision was when I realized that all of my mother's closest friends were her sorority sisters. They'd been friends for decades and I admired that aspect of Greek life.

When the time came I felt that I was well prepared because she'd given me good tips for a successful rush. I chose to call her at the end of each day and share my experiences. She stayed neutral and positive about each organization. When I made my choice to join her group, I knew I'd made the right decision for me. Two years later she did the same for my sister and she happily joined as well.

My daughter is a junior in high school and is preparing to start the college application process. A year from now we'll be celebrating her high school graduation and college acceptance. She knows that I was in a sorority only because my husband mentioned it when I'd attended a Founder's Day event. As a GDI he likes to tease me about that time in my life.
Occasionally she asks me, my sister and mother about why we joined and what were the positive aspects about it. She's heard about what we enjoyed and what we didn't like about it. At this point in time I'm not sure if she's going to go through recruitment but if she doesn't that's okay. However if she does, I'll do my best to prepare her and to support her during the process. In the end it must be her decision and I have to let her make her own way on this journey.
Your mom may have been low-key, but you know she was totally thrilled that you joined her sorority! Did she participate in your initiation?
My sorority was not on campus when I went through. I was kind of glad. I would have been crushed if she had turned up her nose at my chapter.

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