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Post Just to smooth things over.

I just wanted to come on here to give my sister a virtual hug to give her comfort. I tried to spend time on reading the 35 pages of posts, but ultimately I do not have the time to do so thoroughly. I will not address anyone in particular but to all in general. I can see how my sister would have felt "attacked" when I think she just wanted to post some comments without any intent of starting a war on symantecs. Yes we are newbies to this forum and congratulate you all on being able to deeply discuss some issues that are ignored by those outstide of our circle for so long. I may not have been a sister since the inception of my organization, but I have been an active sister of my beloved organization for over 12 years. Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. is not and has never been a "multicultural sorority". We are a latin sorority, as decided by our Founding Mothers, not all of whom were of latin descent. We took part in the formation of El Concilio (CNHL), which happened about the same time NALFO was being created. After the dissolution of CNHL, we joined NALFO, I know b/c I was there for it all. Sometimes individual campuses don't have a separate Latino council and all minority greek organizations (ie, non-mainstream) are under a multicultural greek council, or something like it.

I'm not here to "school" anyone and this is all information that you already know, so I apologize if I wasted any of your time, but I did feel that I needed to comfort my sister. Since before I became a sister, we have been "Latin by Tradition, Not by Definition". We do want everyone to know the struggle of the latino and try to uplift our communities (yes I am latina), and with that, we want to uplift our sisters in the struggle - the universal woman. Each chapter can do whatever community service they feel would be most beneficial to servicing that community (impoverished, underrepresented, immigrant, battered, etc.). I think for all of us in a sorority, we can see that we are all trying to uplift our women to be strong, educated leaders.

I wish everyone luck with carrying out the mission of each of your organizations and that we can work together on many of our common goals.

In Greek Unity.
Lambda Theta Alpha
Latin Sororiity, Inc.
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