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Originally Posted by DSTCHAOS View Post
I think some of the quick facts on the first national Latina sorority's site say it all.

They may've added some inclusionary and "universal woman" language and non-Latina members since 1975 but that doesn't mean much in the greater scheme of things. They are still part of NALFO, which also speaks volumes.
but I never disputed this point about being latin, so I don't know why it keeps being brought up. We are no less an academic sorority because LTA was not an academic sorority to begin with. Yes, LTA emerged for a very specific and political reason in 1975 because of a lot of movement going on within the Latino community, but that doesn't mean that we also weren't focused on the universal woman since the beginning of LTA because that wasn't the reason for forming LTA.

and being part of NALFO was more about being part of a group of organizations that shared a lot of similar goals (which was why we didn't want to join NPC). Plus, NALFO has only been around for the past few years. Please look up the history of past councils (which were ultimately dissolved) to learn more.
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