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Originally Posted by IL Anchor Girl View Post
You are so right! I found my rush booklet from the early 80s, how funny it was to look through. When I went through, there were (apparently, according to my rush book) 24 houses we went to first round. I remember our rush counselors telling us to take notes or we'd never remember all of them. So of course, I dutifully did that. But as I looked over my booklet, I had to laugh because most of my comments were about the houses: "Great house!" "Beautiful house!" "Such a pretty house!" That couldn't have helped me remember them much later! I had never been in a sorority house before, and clearly I was enthralled by the whole thing. But I did do a rudimentary "yes", "maybe", "no" that may have helped a little. I was sort of surprised to see we had gone from 24 first stage to only 8 second stage (then 5, then 3 for pref). I didn't remember that big dropoff after 1st stage.
We went 24-10-5-3 when I went through (in '99), but in the first round, we visited a few non-NPC chapters, so it was really 19-10-5-3. I'm guessing you did the same...4-H, for example, is a full member of the CPH, and they have a house, so everyone goes there, but just for informational purposes. Dropping to 8 would still be a big drop-off, though.
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