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Another reason I'm happy my daughter is only 12 right now ! It's normal to feel this way and one important thing to remember is that in 2 days the members are meeting over 1,200 girls. I can only speak for my house, but we were not allowed to say anything negative at any time during discussions. I remember how personal it felt getting my invite card back, but when I was on the other side it never seemed personal and I worry that some girls forget how many girls we are meeting the first 2 days. From reading here it seems like some schools have a much harder recruitment, but ours always seemed very friendly and not as cut throat. From my experience, the girls who kept their hearts open and did not drop out received a bid.
I cannot promise that or have actual knowledge, but what I recall is the girls that were upset were the ones who dropped out believing the sororites remaining on their bid card were not good enough for them.
My mom's bid card had her #2 sorority on it and she told me she felt really sad that day but in the end it was exactly where she belonged. My mom and I were in 2 different houses and both my sisters were in different houses as well, so when people say there are a lot of houses to love they are not kidding. Please feel free to pm me anytime!
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