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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
That was not usually the excuse given by the VAST number of Chicago people at Iowa, but I figured that was why a lot of them were there (a few would be honest though). That, and it cost less to go out of state to Iowa than to stay in state at U of I for not much of a travel time savings.
I'm going to get into trouble for this, but the same is true for Indiana and Wisconsin, as well. For a large number of popular programs, their standards aren't as high as Illinois. It's gotten worse over the years as Illinois has really stopped giving preference to in-state students when it comes to admissions.

Anyway, besides having a bunch of freshmen with excellent grades, it's almost silly to try to judge anyone on a high school GPA. The Chicago area contains some of the top high schools in the country, and you can't compare a GPA at New Trier to a GPA at Strawn High. Not to mention that some schools do GPA's out of 5 points or 6 points or whatever, so the number you are looking at is, pretty much, nonsense.

If you really want to judge someone on academics, probably the best bet would be to ferret out the girls who came in through the back door (i.e. a major with lower standards) and who plan to switch in a year or two.

All that said, though, typically, EVERY NPC GROUP has a higher GPA than the all-women's GPA. When even the lowest sorority GPA beats the all-women's, you can see that it's just not something to worry about.
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