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We do allow new members to wear letters of any style or stitching. In fact, many times big sisters will give little sisters jerseys with letters as a gift.

I read a post one time about a group that only allows new members to wear shirts with iron-on letters and when they are initiated, they can wear stitched letters. From what I remember, the rationale was that iron-on letters were "temporary" and could be stripped if need be... but stitched letters imply permanance.

I guess the way I see it, it seems like "temporary letters" imply that someone may not be initiated.

We assume that every woman that pledges will be initiated... that's not to say that 100% of the women that we pledge are initiated but we wouldn't have given a bid to someone that we didn't think was going to be a permanent member of our sisterhood.

Pirate00, I'm not implying that what you guys do is wrong. Or even that the reason above is why you don't allow new members to wear stitched letters. That's not for me to say. I think it's maybe just a different way of thinking about the new member (pledge) period.

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