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That is also my understanding of the rule. There are exceptions, such as when the chapter finds out some previously unknown bad info on the legacy in question, or when the legacy does something outrageous at pref, but it doesn't sound like any of that happened here.
I don't know where you are at school, but at some places bid matching is a chaotic time, and clerical mistakes do happen. Perhaps you could have your friends at Kappa inquire with the Greek Affairs office to see if that is the case here. If it was a mistake, perhaps it can be corrected. I think it would need to be Kappa initiating this, and not you. An inquiry like this could be done without your 2nd choice chapter knowing about it unless you decided to change to Kappa, at which point it wouldn't matter.
Before going down that road, you need to ask yourself how much happier you would be at Kappa. Other than being a legacy, is the connection you feel at Kappa that much better than where you are?
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