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I am just so sorry for the way this was handled. I am glad that they are giving the Clemson girls the ability to select their closure date. Part of me wondered if it were possible to allow a chapter to "age out" by simply not participating in recruitment, but then my brain starts spinning with the negatives of that option...
If you don’t have a house to maintain, or are in dorm wings that can gradually decrease the amount of rooms used, I wouldn’t see why ever not. It would allow the women to spend their chapter’s last days with a focus on fun and sisterhood, instead of being worried and stressed and forced into holding near constant open bid parties. Contrary to what some people believe, there is no minimum amount of time that must lapse before recolonization. And if the women are on campus anyway, what’s the difference? Keeping the chapter open might be a better alternative as the women would still be bound to follow risk management policies. I’m not sure how much “unaffiliated collegians” are subject to those type rules.
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