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So many of these:

*My Big coming up to my apartment to show me her engagement ring with my Twin and Triplet and us being all omggggggg111111111!!!!!!!! at 2 am.

*Keeping that secret from the chapter up until her candlelight. So hard!

*Mexican food dates with my Little were a tradition from the time she pledged up until she moved to NC in 2012.

*My sorority BFF met her boyfriend while we were living together in the house. She went on her first date with him one night and we all stayed up to see how it went. They're married now and that is a really fun memory.

*All the ladies night Thursdays. The crushes. The OMG there he isss.

*Studying that was actually not really studying in the library late nights.

*The "hey who wants to go to SBux?!" runs.

*That time we took the mattresses off of our beds and surfed down the front staircase on them. Totally sober.

*Formals. All the formals.

*All the Halloweens. Man.

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