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Originally Posted by LuvMyPNM View Post
Exactly. These girls were drawn into the chapter, choose to join, been dedicated and because they’re different they lose the experience. I know it stings for them and will every time they pass their hall or walk around campus, now and as alumni. Bad behavior and pull a charter a sure I get that. Not embracing Theta and contributing to school and community? Ok some penalty. But to bring it down to the size is appalling. Really bad form for an organization I had so much respect for.
I agree 100%. I posted a similar sentiment on the Ole Miss Theta closing thread. These chapters are smaller by campus standards, yes. And maybe they haven't been meeting quota. But, they are so much larger than so many other chapters on other campuses. They are serving their mission of providing a strong experience of sisterhood for their members. It is so incredibly sad that they are being shut down for what seems like a superficial reason. I would not have been surprised if it were another GLO who has recently come under fire for their beauty based recruitment standards, but I am surprised that this is coming from Theta.

So incredibly heartbroken for their members.