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Originally Posted by ashleighoxide View Post
I was a new member of a sorority but wasn’t initiated and I really want my membership back. I was “kicked out” because of some not so great behavior by these two ladies who really didn’t like me. They only made me return my bid day shirt and they let me keep everything else. When I tried logging into the website, a profile for me comes up but the initiation info is blank. Am I still somewhere between being a member and a non initiate? Even though I’m older could I rejoin? I did’nt finish my 4 yr degree as I chose another path but I loved that sorority and don’t want to let it go. Any advice please??
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I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you pulled up your profile on the website. Unless you had a different last name in college, your name does not appear in our membership database as either an active or an alumna. To answer your question, there is no status inbetween "member and non initiate" Either you are an initiated member or you are not a member at all. As someone else already posted, the term "new member" may have caused you confusion. It is a newer term we use to replace the previous term of "pledge" and I regret that it may have caused you to believe that you held membership status. If you did not participate in the initiation ritual, you are not a member. Also, to help explain some of the responses you are getting, referring to yourself as a Gamma Phi Beta when you are not an initiated member is a huge no-no.

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