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Originally Posted by rsvl06 View Post
I'm going to be 24 years old when I transfer to UCLA and am wondering if my age will negatively affect my ability to not only get a bid but also have an enjoyable college experience. Thank you for your help.
I don't know how it will affect your chance at receiving a bid, but I know your age will not affect your ability to have an enjoyable college experience. There are so many student organizations from which to choose, the only thing that could possibly keep you from enjoying college is you.

I was a bit older than the typical transfer student when I transferred to my (somewhat) competitive Florida university. I seriously considered registering for recruitment but at the last moment changed my mind. I realized I would be older than a lot of the girls in sororities. My goals, outlook, experiences, etc. would differ drastically. I continued to look for other organizations where I could get involved, and that's where I found my Fraternity.

You'll find lots of opportunities to get involved on campus, though not necessarily with a traditional sorority. Figure out what you are truly looking for and keep an open mind when looking at other organizations. You'll be surprised at what you find.

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