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Originally Posted by cutie_cat_4ever
Here's an interesting story that I encounted when rushing for this one sorority (which is a true story). And I wonder how to deal if such thing does happen to a rushee (though most likely it won't happen I assume)

I was rushing for XYZ this one fall and met this one active who was really nice to me. Then we talked and became slightly closer. One day, she called me up to have lunch and we sat down and chat. All of a sudden she was trying to persuade me not to rush for XYZ because she knew XYZ was not for me. XYZ is a social based sorority, which I already knew, but I was also interested in the community services they did, and most of all, their sisterhood bond.

I was shocked later on when she was telling me some negative stuff that's going on, and I didn't know how to response. I really wanted to rush for that sorority, but I didn't know why she approached me in this way. She tried so hard to persuade me not to rush.

So I responed her, "if it's meant to be, then it's meant to be; I would still like to continue on the process and try my best."


So how would you deal with this situation?
I would seriously question whether I wanted to be there.

1) She should not have been telling you any of that. It's sorority business and not yours. What else is she going to spout off?

2) She could have been looking out for you. Maybe she really did feel that her house wouldn't be a good fit for you. I have come across many women rushing at a school that has a very good Gamma Phi chapter and while I often think they would make great Gamma Phis, I usually also think "at any other school". They just wouldn't fit into THAT chapter.
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