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My two cents

1. If you go to a school where they haven't moved to "no frills" recruitment - ie they still do skits, event decorations are elaborate - do not let the event itself be the reason you choose the group. Just because a group has a talented cast of actors and can decorate a room like it's the Taj Mahal does not mean they will be the best sisters FOR YOU! Choose the group where you feel that the women will be the most accepting of you. These are the women you'll want to lean on when you've been up all night studying, you're homesick, your boyfriend dumps you for the cute blonde in his psych class, etc. If they can't help you then, who cares that they qualify for an academy award or could give MarthaStewart a Run for her money!

2. I know someone said this before but don't let a roommate pressure you into joining a group together. In many cases you've just arrived at school and your roommate is the only person you know. You probably don't even know her very well but it's easy to cling to the one familiar thing. Keep in mind that you'll soon have a whole new group of friends and the group your roommate would choose may not be the best fit for you in the long run.

3. Don't be afraid to report recruitment infractions. If you are the victim of a recruitment infraction that negatively impacts your experience, know that you are not alone and also realize that the group has probably been operating that way for a while and will continue to do so until someone steps up and says something. If the infraction positively impacts you (like bid promising) stop and think for a minute - yes you may have just been promised a bid to a group that you really thought you wanted to be a part of, but do you really want to join a group that doesn't play by the rules or believe in treating people fairly?

4. Be yourself! Any good rush hostess will be able to assess whether or not they can find common ground with you. They want to be able to make you feel at home. If you are honest in your conversation with them you'll either really hit it off with her or she'll realize she needs to introduce you to SuzySister because you and she would have xxx in common. If you eventually do not meet anyone you have anything in common with then the group is probably a bad fit for you but if you hadn't been yourself you would never know for sure!
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