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Originally Posted by chipmullins View Post
Hello! I am very interested in starting my own fraternity from scratch at my university. The greek system has always interested me and I have always found it to be something I would love to find myself a part of. However, I would like to create my own fraternity from scratch. I mean I wouldnít want to find a national fraternity. Instead, I would like to create my own fraternity name, meaning, and create my own set of rules.

To begin, I would want to create an LGBT fraternity. I know there are a few out there that already do this, but I would like to create my own addition. LGBT people deserve to be a part of the greek system and feel comfortable doing so. I know it is a lot of work. I am a dedicated person and I know that I could make it happen. Itís just one of those things I will not let go. I can be a very good leader. Iím very organized, dedicated, and motivated.

What would the process be to create this brand new fraternity?
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