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Originally Posted by elip...sis View Post
There's this petition I've been trying to promote ( )

I know it's really taboo and it's frowned upon, but I witnessed a lot of young women dropping or staying and feeling "stuck" because they wouldn't get a second chance some place else. Every chapter has issues, totally get it, but sometimes it's too much to overcome. For me, that line was crossed after watching girls get harassed for speaking up about wrong doings, getting harassed and bullied for doing what they were told to do, watching girls get ignored, and having concerns ignored. I spoke up as a new member and an active and was constantly told "it gets better" or "it's getting handled" with none of the mistreatment ever really rectified. I think nationally, my former organization does great things (as all orgs do), but I can't be a part of it knowing that they knew about the treatment and took the word of one over the word of many.

I disaffiliated because of my experience as a whole, even with the good memories I had during three semesters. I had always wanted a group of girlfriends because I moved around a lot as a kid and the idea of having that bond seemed incredible. It killed that I had a bad experience and that I witnessed what I did because I KNOW that Greek Life is an amazing time. It's beneficial to our lives. I'm doing this because everyone who transfers to a school without their organization or who drops for whatever reason deserves a second chance at finding a sisterhood.

Lets be honest, disgruntled members have posted ritual and other secrets online already. Truthfully, other than our word, there's nothing stopping women from sharing secrets anyways (if they want to), but there could be an electronic form signed before a young woman goes through recruitment again. It's not costing the NPC anything, no monies in dues would be refunded BECAUSE going through recruitment and initiating was voluntary.

Some schools don't have a long new membership period, my school had recruitment in Feb. and we were initiated in April, and if we're being real here we know new members get treated differently than active members. We're asking lifelong commitments in a short period of time and sometimes who we are no longer matches up with the organization.

Please, before responding in anger or incredulous disbelief someone would even suggest this, take a moment and read the petition and the comments. In my mind, if we have women who actually want to be a part of the greek community why are we stopping them? They are/were our sisters and we should want to help them.
QFP. This is so full of mierda that I don't know where to start.
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