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Originally posted by sageofages
. . . Phi Mu honors all requests to keep a badge in a family. When a badge is returned to the EO, it is kept for many many years, in case a legacy in a family occurs who would like to have a particular badge. . . .
Likewise with Kappa Kappa Gamma. In fact they now have downloadable forms and guidlines so a member can decree what should become of her badge after she passes. Our HQ always honors the requests of the members whether it be to keep the badge in the family, be given to their chapter or alumnae association, be buried with her or sent back to HQ.
It's gonna be a hootenanny.
Or maybe a jamboree.
Or possibly even a shindig or lollapalooza.
Perhaps it'll be a hootshinpaloozaree. I don't know.
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