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Concurr with the other posters.

If you feel comfortable hanging on to the items (especially the badge) for another three years to wait and see if your niece will go ABC, keep everything until then. Otherwise, I think donating the historical memorabilia--papers, books, etc...--to the University Museum is a wonderful option, especially since there are other items from GLOs and you know it will be preserved and taken care of properly. You could also split the items between the University Museum, the HQ of the GLO and the chapter (giving the chapter copies--not originals--of some things). There is no harm in contacting the HQ to ask how donated memorabilia is used and displayed. I know it varies from org to org, but mine has a very nice heritage museum and archives for historical items that the public can peruse when they are there.

Now, if your niece does not become a member of ABC, my personal thought would be to donate the badge to either the chapter to be used as an honorary or display piece or the HQ. Some HQ (again, not all) keep and display badges that are older, unique or have some sort of historical significance. Some badges are also loaned out to chapters or given to Fraternity officers for use.

This is not an easy issue for anyone to decide upon. Best of luck to you and your family!
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