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Having a degree in History I have been about to see the behind the seens work that Muesums do... I would give the paper products to them. They will have proper chemicals to slow the deterioration process, they will also have the proper room temps that help. Also little buggies love to eat paper and there are techinques that will eliminate those also.

As to the photos... if there are any... I would make copies of them and given them to the chapter. That way they can hang them up or use them as they want to. The originals, I would also let the school "borrow". They would be able to preserve them.

Hold off on the badges and jewerly. I would wait and see where your niece goes, if she goes. If she doesn't, I would either hold on to the items, donate them to the muesum or return them to HQ.

I think it would be okay to let us know what sorority we are dealing with. I know that AGD's are suppose to return their badge or be buried with their badge. The only reason for this is the same problem you are facing. What to do with the stuff when there isn't a member left in your family? Returning your badge to the HQ isn't a bad idea. WE all know that you care about the items and apparently understand why you shouldn't sell the badge on EBAY, so by returning it to the HQ you will insure that that never happens.

YOU could also give the badge to the chapter, making sure that it was a traveling badge that was wore by the president or the sister with the highest scholarship... I know that it would have meant alot to me if I had the opportunity to wear a founders badge and maybe one day my badge will be used this way, since I was charter member of my chapter. I would hope that the president would have the responible and deep appreciation for the badge that she would insure that nothing happened to it. Maybe wear it only for meetings and "special" sorority moments... Like initiation.

These are just ideas and my two cents!

ETA: Sorry I wasn't aware that I was just repeating what had been said.... see we all think a like!
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