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Originally Posted by summergal View Post
And btw what is tent talk? does it have to do with the tents in front of each house?
It's the talk that happens in those tents before each party. "This is the best house on campus." "This house is the worst on campus." "I heard they're about to get closed." "My sister's friend is a Delta Nu at UCLA and said this house has actual hookers in it!" "This is the drug house." "This house will only pledge you if you're blonde." "This house has a scale under the welcome mat." "If the president introduces herself to you, then you're getting cut." "If the president introduces herself to you then you are definitely in." "This house hazes."

If you are one of the girls standing out front waiting to get in, you don't know jack about squat, regardless of what you think you know. Keep it to yourself and seriously try to not let the negative and sometimes seriously nasty stuff interfere with your process. They're all good; they all have positive and negative qualities and they all have a range of girls. And nobody is a hooker, nobody has slept with the whole football team, all of the houses (sadly) have girls with drug and alcohol problems and none of them are pervasive problems. They all have great grades and have a few members who just can't seem to get it together. Just like your friends in real life. No one is perfect.
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