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Originally Posted by MellySK View Post
Not sure how it got to Louisiana, other than from the French, so tha'ts interesting. I was a French minor, so I always associate the fleur de lis with France. However, it's still very Canadian as well..... (in Quebec)
Because Louisiana and Quebec were both French colonies/territories. And as I noted earler, the fleur de lis was in use in New Orleans and Lousiana before the Acadians arrived.

When you see a fleur de lis used by a city, state or province in North America, such as on the flags of New Orleans, St. Louis, Louisville or Quebec, it almost always inidicates French heritage and derives from the French royal emblems.

As an aside, the fleur de lis is also a traditional symbol of the Virgin Mary (as a stylized lily and symbol of purity), of the Trinity (because of the three petals) and of the Boy Scouts (because of its traditional use to mark "North" on a compass rose).

And, perhaps most importantly, it's a Kappa symbol, as the number of fleurs de lis around my house will attest.
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