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Hello ladies,
Unfortunately, I am very familiar with this topic.When I first entered college many females knew they wanted to become a member of a sorority: I knew I wanted to be an AKA, and many of my classmates wanted to be Deltas. Neither had a line until spring of 1998 when the AKAs came out.When the same classmates who wanted to be Deltas saw the probate show of the AKAs, all of the sudden that is what they wanted to be.(Keep in mind that the Deltas were suspended until this past spring.)I am not a member of a sorority, but I have personally felt that what a sorority stands for is what should attract you to it. Like pinkbunny said, these girls just wanted to be "greek".

As for IWANNABEASOROR's remark, ask yourself why a woman who wanted to be in a particular sorority for a long time would change her mind all of the sudden?If you already belong to a sorority shouldn't you be faithful?People should do their research BEFORE they decide they want to join.And I cannot comprehend how you can compare someone being turned away from a sorority to God turning His back on someone.You yourself said it troubles you how people talk about sororities as if they were a religion.

Please excuse me if I am out of line, or offend anyone.And sorry the post is so long.
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