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LadyAKA, I feel you, Soror. No offense taken. This girl not only tried to play AKA, but she is presently trying to play ME. That's why the beginning of my post stated "I had a friend whom I THOUGHT was very close to me." It turns out, she's got this OTHER friend who is in the OTHER sorority that she hangs with. This was news to me, because whenever she's with me, she speaks against the girl as if she dislikes her. One of my sorors told me that those girls were very close, which was why she tried to go the other route in the first place. She obviously wanted to be where ever this friend of hers was. It seems to be no more than a case of "When I'm with you, I wanna be AKA. When I'm with her, I wanna be [insert sorority here]," basically. When I confronted her about it, she claimed she is not close to her at all and that she doesn't even like her and all this childish goofey kid stuff. I explained to her that I did not like the feeling of being used, and that I would NOT be used under any circumstances. Now, she calls me often just to tell me that she met so and so from my chapter and she promised to help her get in. Typical.
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