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LikeASista this seems tragic to say the least. On the one hand you ladies made a promise to eachother but on the other this girl has straight out played AKA, and I would even go so far as to say she put your friendship on the line! Not only do we (Sorors) NOT have time for this but do 'YOU' have time for a person like this? Is she all about Alpha Kappa Alpha or is she just about being in a Greek Organization? I know it is gonna be tough for you but you need to think real long and hard about what you need to do. Remember Alpha Kappa Alpha is a serious matter. And stuff like this should not go on! I am sorry if I came off in the wrong way but I am real passionate about this! Oh and you must remember as I am sure you are aware of, it is the majority vote that counts in Grad chapter you may be a Soror, but she is not a shoe in yet, especially if another Soror in your chapter gets wind of this information.

P.S. SkeeWee14 The situation you encountered is also a tough one. I am not sure what I would say or do if I was thrown in the position. I always knew AKA was in my heart, I admit I went to other informationals when they had those (now-a-days it is all about rush); anyway, I had to make sure I was making the right choice, but I never flip-flopped back and forth and that type of thing can ruin your sorority life! I guess you have to try and see if she is genuine or if she again just wants to be down!

Maybe these ladies need 'tuff luv' make them understand they can't everything they want if they don't come correct the first time....... sorry

Just giving my '08 cents of sisterly advice

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