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Well, I'll be glad to share with you a sticky situation I'm involved in like that as we speak. I had a friend whom I thought was very close to me. We both talked about AKA for months and months (make that years), we dreamed of the day we could step over that line. We went to every function, tried to get to know as many people as we could, and everything else you do when you pursue a sorority. However, question marks began flying when I discovered that she had done some things in undergraduate school regarding both Delta and AKA. Needless to say, she never made it into either one of them. I guess she felt those things were behind her because at this point, our eyes were on AKA grad chapters only. We made a pact that if one of us crossed AKA before the other one, we would let the other ride in on our coattail the next time. Well, during 1998, we had it "in the pocket." We both had sponsors for AKA, we knew everybody we could meet, so I relaxed in that realization. But during Christmas of '98, someone approached her about in-take for a specific sorority. Now look. If you KNOW you want to be one thing, why would you even stutter if another organization came your way? This girl believed the women and actually tried to pursue them, just because someone said, "We're having rush. Are you interested?" Well, to make a long story short, she got rejected, and I crossed for AKA 17 days ago. Now, I get calls galore from her begging me to help her get into AKA. I have not forgotten about the things we talked about, and the dreams we shared. I also have not forgotten the pact we made, which is what makes all this so difficult for me. There are more things involved as well that weigh on making a decision about this. I am still upset with her for trying to pursue another route just because someone offered. It doesn't mean you're a shoe-in for that organization just because you're approached. For one to act on a mere offer only says that individual is undecided, and I don't think that's something my sorors have time for.
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