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Question Second Choice?

Hi Sorors,
I was approached today by another soror who told me of a young lady who is now interested in joining our organization. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having interest in the organization, but this young lady was just rejected by another sorority this semester. I know this personally because my bestfriend is a member of that other sorority. Anyway, she made the comment that she should have made the right choice in the beginning. Apparently the majority of her family are AKA's and she just wanted to be different. She said that she really like our sorority and wants to become a memeber. I don't know if the "change of heart" came from her being rejected or if she is feeling the strength and the unity that we possess on our campus. I'm proud to say that we came out very strong this year and the unity we have with one another is strong and it does show. Anyway, I was wondering what you all thought about this situation. Is it fair to frown on young ladies who are interested in AKA after being rejected by another sorority? I'm really having mixed emotions about this one since the young lady just happens to be an acquaintance of mine and I know that she is a good person. Confused, but good. What's you're opinion?
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