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Originally Posted by Encouraged View Post
I have been doing my research on a particular alumni chptr. So far I haven't seen any public social events in which I can participate and get to know to members of the organization. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong or not enough of?

In the NPC, alumnae chapters usually have events/meetings that are open only to initiated members. They may participate in service events at which others are also working (ie. a walk for ....), but social events are usually closed. If you are pursuing NPC Alumnae Initiation, crashing an alumnae event is not the way to go.

NHPC is different. If you are pursuing a Grad Chapter, get to know members. That's all I can tell you.

PS Why do NPHC aspirants use usernames like "encouraged", "inspired", and other adjectives? If they know NOTHING about the ways or members of the group they are interested in, and no one in the group knows they exist, who or what is inspiring or encouraging them??

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