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Originally Posted by AGDee View Post
Sure it does. There were all-male and all-female final clubs and Greek orgs too. There's no difference at all.

As was noted in the comments of that article posted about Alpha Phi, the male final clubs will continue without any sanctions against their members because they are private, non-university affiliated organizations. It's like them saying that nobody at Harvard could be a Boy Scout or Girl Scout. Can't happen.
The members who remain of the single-gender finals clubs will be sanctioned the same way the members of single-gender sororities and fraternities would have been or will be: lack of recommendations for scholarships or ability to hold leadership positions. Harvard could expel students who join these groups if they wanted to, but they chose not to, as this article details. My guess is they thought expulsion would alienate too many alumni from donating.

I also wonder how they'll know who are members of finals clubs or other single-gender orgs. It's not like they're getting rosters, and finals clubs don't come with stitched letters. Are they stalking social media for references?
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