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in my chapter, there was no standard: we had plain badges in gold or silver, although gold jewelry was more popular in the fashion world at the time, so there were probably more gold badges. second most popular would have been gold badges with pearls, and then we had some beautiful badges with emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, opals, turquoise-some all emeralds or rubies, etc. some alternating gem and pearl and some with either all pearls and gem points or all gem with pearl was pretty much carte blanche. everyone had a chapter guard. our littles wore our badges until theirs arrived. the pledge with the highest gpa got a diamond in the top tip of her badge, paid for by the chapter.

in my daughters chapter most everyone ordered the plain silver badge with no chapter guard. she wore my badge until hers came in. i offered my daughter whatever she wanted, but she did not want to go against her chapters tradtion-now she wishes she had gotten a turquoise badge like mine. she did however, buck tradition by getting a chapter guard with the appropriate dangles.
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