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Originally Posted by LucyKKG View Post
I know Kappa didn't used to have restrictions on badge decorations either. I'm not sure when they changed it to sapphires, diamonds, and pearls. I've seen really old badges (or pictures of them) with opals, turquoise, and chased designs. (Chased? Is that how you spell it?)
There's a great Historically Speaking on this topic on the Kappa site.

In the early years, members had to procure their own badges, and almost all were custom-made. The only requirements were the two sets of letters on the stem and ward of the key. There are some absolutely gorgeous old custom badges!

The badge was set at a standard 1" length in 1896 and according to the Historically Speaking,
The 1924 Convention specified the “slender model, plain Roman finish, raised polished gold letters, plain background; jewelling, if wished, to be 15 pearls crowned, one on the handle and three at the top of the ward.” Six years later sapphires and/or diamonds were again optional. Just as the length and outlines of the key kept fluctuating during the first 50 years, so did the type of lettering and jewels. During World War I jewels were hard to obtain and in World War II the jewelers could not obtain sapphires. The cost of diamonds became prohibitive. Gold was on a quota basis and its content in the badge was reduced. Relatively few Kappas were affected by these difficulties since the majority of them loved the simple golden key or the pearl badge. By 1950, jewels were available for those who wanted them.
My own badge is alternating sapphires/pearls. We had a range in our chapter - many girls just bought the plain gold, but I think at least one got the all-diamond one.

When I advised at a different campus, hardly anyone was buying badges. So they decided to include the cost of the plain gold badge in the new member fees. If the member wants to upgrade to a jeweled badge, she can, but she is responsible for the difference in costs.
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