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Originally posted by gt04
That's really surprising to hear, and quite frankly, a bit disheartening. You would like to think that such bright students, in such an enlightened city as Atlanta, would think a bit differently.

I graduated from Tech in '04, and was active in my Chapter, as well as IFC the entire time that I was an undergraduate, yet never heard of this kind of thing from friends in other houses. I'm curious as to what "several" means in your post? Off the top of my head, I can think of eight or nine houses that have openly gay members. That's what, 25% of the IFC groups on campus?

My Chapter has multiple openly gay members, and I can't think of anything more offensive to them than someone standing up at a meeting and saying "I would like to amend our by-laws to state that so-and-so can't date anyone in the Chapter." Does that really need to be said? Do people really think if someone's gay they're out to have sex with every person they know?

And for what it's worth, having worked with Buck Cooke for a number of years, I can't say enough good things about him. Kappa Sigma is very lucky to not only have him as a member, but as a Chapter founder as well.
I don't think it's meant to be an offensive thing by any means. I don't know the exact numbers - I was told about the policies by a gay member of the Tech chapter of Phi Kappa Theta, who was in support of them. Dating between members of any organization can be a problem - this is why there are policies against it in office environments, after all.

And yeah, Buck Cooke does rock. While I've worked more with Danielle McDonald than with Buck, personally, my interactions with him have always been really positive - he's a great guy.
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