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Originally posted by GreekSCU
So how exactly does it work? How do you receive your lavalieres?
When I was lavaliered, my Sinfonian boyfriend just went to the University Book Store and bought a lavaliere of his letters. (Guys' frats were all national, so they could do that, while we local sorors had to place special orders every spring after getting our pledges.) There's probably a) stuff at your union bookstore; b) a local jeweler who makes them; and/or c) a fraternity-run store that has all of your letters, decals, official shirts, etc. that should carry fraternity jewelry in a range of Karats and colors. We also had a local shop that made Valpo shirts, block letter shirts, and carried some stuff for paddles and keychains and the like; they may have had lavalieres too.

It was always private stuff for us, and I don't think his brothers did anything except provide moral support (some) before he bought the thing. They'd abolished the practice of driving to the Dunes and tossing the guy into the lake, so he just had to pony up enough money to the social chair to buy them a ton of beer or something. He doesn't remember much else.

Anyway, he wrapped it up in pink sheep ribbon left over from my halloween costume, and snuck it into my coat. We were in a school bus riding back from a "run for the border" date party when I felt something in my coat pocket, unwrapped it, quietly bugged out, rewrapped it, and put it back in my pocket.

The next night we had a rose pass (pretty much like a candlelight) where I announced that I'd been lavaliered. The social chairs of Sinfonia and DXE got together to plan a lavaliering party (and the PMA guys came to serenade me outside the sorority dorm the following Thursday), and my husband and I each picked out a set of letters for a new PMA letter sweatshirt. When we had the party, I wore my new letters, we partied, and then about an hour into the party the guys sang to me again.

I *think* we had a pinning party, following the same order of events except with no new sets of letters (-grin-). I actually pinned him before he pinned me, and at that point I gave him an athletic-style sweatshirt with our letters and sorority name on it (which he did wear).

Oh, and if you're both greek, engaged, and have good singers in your fraternity, have the guys serenade you at your wedding reception. It makes all of the other relatives swoon, too.

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