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I recall that you said in your other post that you are from Ireland - welcome to Greekchat! I'm not sure what you are doing this research for - is it for school, college or uni? Respectfully, this cannot possibly be for a postgraduate thesis. I'm assuming this is for a school or sixth form assignment. Unfortunately, you have not identified yourself nor have you told us the name of your educational institution, which would be standard for a legitimate study.

As others have pointed out, your research methods are not sound - the questions are not appropriately structured and your participant sample is not random. Clearly the survey questions were not received well and have caused a little bit of offense.

We do not mind at all sharing our American culture with others. We occasionally receive inquiries from students (mostly from the UK) who ask about our sorority and fraternity system. Several of us have studied at university in the UK and Ireland (I attended the University of Bristol!) and understand some of the curiosities about our culture.

If you gave us more information about who you are and what you are trying to do, perhaps we could help you approach this assignment from a better angle.
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