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Originally Posted by APhi2KD View Post
I know many schools have implemented alcohol awareness training (Think Drink, etc.), but that doesn’t go very far. I think it would be wonderful if GLOs trained their members (while never supplying alcohol themselves) how to behave IF they were to come across a group of people who had magically become inebriated.
Teach it as part of a seminar on entering the work force. "Networking Away From The Office: Be Social, Not Sloppy." Targeted of course to post college behavior when everyone will be nice and legal. (But you can use it before then, nudge nudge wink wink.)

I think that more and more kids are coming to college with zero experience around alcohol (gone are the days when parents bought a keg and took keys to keep things safe, or even a beer or cooler at a family gathering) and they're going from zero to sixty in about a minute and a half. Couple that with the increased isolation-that's-saturation from social media, and it's no damn wonder things are the way they are.
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