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Originally Posted by agzg View Post
This is a tangent but Live-in and I are attending his best friend's wedding in two weeks and they put on the invite "write on the response card your guilty pleasure song" (mine was "Call me Maybe"), and that's now their playlist for the event! I thought it was fun. Now, getting a DJ to play all those songs has proven pretty tricky - they're on their second, because the first refused, saying "I don't let people do my job for me, you might as well set up an iTunes playlist" - which was weird because typically the DJ is the MC of the event.
We went to a wedding recently where they opted for an iTunes playlist instead of a DJ because (a) it was a lot cheaper, and (b) DJs have a habit of making it about themselves instead of the music. They asked a family member to introduce the wedding party and make the few other announcements that were needed. Otherwise it was just an iPod. No one missed the DJ.

As for the topic of the thread—tacky beyond words.
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