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Originally Posted by DeltaBetaBaby View Post
Refresh my memory...does Nebraska also use a bed quota?
Yes. However, my understanding is each chapter may (if they want) also bid over the number of beds. The formula is based on the number of PNMs at preference, less the number of “beds” divided by the number of chapters.

So as an example, say 100 PNMs make it to preference and there were three chapters (just to make the math easy).

ABC has 20 bed spots
DEF has 17 bed spots
XYZ has 33 bed spots

70 total bed spots between all three chapters.

Using the formula above, this is how is should play out.

100 PNMs less 70 bed spots = 30 total PNM additions. 30 total PNM additions divided by 3 chapters = 10 additions per chapter.

Thus ABC could pledge 30 (20 bed spots plus 10 additions)
DEF could pledge 27 (17 bed spots plus 10 additions)
XYZ could pledge 43 (33 bed spots plus 10 additions)

ETA: I am not sure how this works, but Lincoln (where the University of Nebraska is located) women are (were) considered “free” PNMs. Meaning they didn’t count toward the bed total. I don’t know if Lincoln women were part of the additions or a separate number.

By the way, UNL changed the way recruitment is conducted this year. So I don’t know if these quotas, additions and “free” Lincoln women still apply.

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