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You are quite often in the fraternity forums and I fail to see why you have any understanding of what goes on in Southern fraternity rush, yet you continue to post.

The chapter struggling at the University of Arkansas made very poor decisions previously regarding members. Close relatives of mine were in the chapter at the time the decisions were made. It also did not have the history or connections to back them up. It is a newer chapter (not the newest, but newer comparatively) which always kicks you in the butt. A successful rush requires connections (that is alumnae, which falls back on tradition) to encourage girls to go certain specific ways.
Overall, though, it's the bigness of the car that counts the most. Because when something bad happens in a really big car accidentally speeding through the middle of a gang of unruly young people who have been taunting you in a drive-in restaurant, for instance it happens very far away way out at the end of your fenders. It's like a civil war in Africa; you know, it doesn't really concern you too much. - P.J. O'Rourke
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